Emma Forrester graduated in 1993 with a degree in Fine Art from Liverpool University.
In her past she worked as a scenic artist in the theatre on many West-End shows and Royal Opera House productions. For over a decade she has been concentrating on creating and exhibiting her own paintings.


Her recent works, including many still lives, bear an expressive use of line to portray everyday objects such as vases and tea- cups. An appreciation of pattern and form has been fundamental in creating these works. She draws inspiration from many sources including Japanese, Chinese and Turkish ceramics, fabric and artwork. 

Gold, silver and copper leaf is increasingly used in her paintings. She finds the stark luminosity of metal leaf contrasts well with the subtlety of the flowers and other imagery, bringing them to life. 

She says of her work '' I am drawn to beautiful forms whether they are man- made or natural. My aim is to show my appreciation of the simple beauty of such objects by their sensitive portrayal in my paintings. In my work I'll often draw and paint the forms many times, scratching and scraping through to previous layers to create a broadly descriptive, but beautiful image. My aim is not to 'copy' the object in paint, but rather to describe and celebrate what I see with mark making skills that have developed into my personal style as an artist."

In some of her most recent pieces she tenderly draws and paints pattern over objects, which then spills over into the background thus flattening out the picture plane. This transforms what could be a simply representational still life into a thoughtful and delicate abstract piece of work, exuding balance and harmony.

Born in Stoke -on -Trent, the home of the pottery industry, she and her family have a life long appreciation of ceramics.
The celebration of this once great industry is hopefully apparent in this recent body of work.

She exhibits regularly with galleries in the U.K and has sold recently in America, Hong Kong, Sweden and Australia. 

Emma Forrester is represented by the following U.K galleries

Store Street Gallery

32 Store Street
London WC1E 7BS

tel 02075802118

email: info@storestreetgallery.com

website www.storestreetgallery.com

The Art Agency
118 High Street
KT10 9QJ

6, Lion Street
Brent Blair

Gallery tel: +44 01497 822 900

E mail: thelionstreetgallery@gmail.com

No Naked Walls Chertsey
6a Windsor Street,
KT16 8AS
(01932) 561758